Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

For starters let me tell you that the above picture is not of a swimming pool near NH8 but it is an underpass that goes to NH8. This is the condition of most of the low lying areas in some major cities of the country and that too at a time when monsoon is at an all time low and there is water shortage everywhere. Waterlogged roads, cracks in buildings/pillars, traffic jams due to broken pavements are all a common sight in our nation's capital city. Add to this crazy drivers, careless civic authorities and poor infrastructure. What you get is thousands of innocent people wondering whether they actually have any control over their own lives.

The nursery rhyme "Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day, Little Johny Wants to Play" is so true in this scenario. But while we recite this cute rhyme from our childhoods, we must wonder are we the only ones singing it at present. I mean have we ever heard of any other country getting drowning just after a day's rainfall. I guess even countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh have a better infrastructure. We can't just blame our laziness or our enormous population or our "chalta hai attitude" for all this. So whom should we blame? Government (as usual) or ourselves??? Or should we wait till we are stuck in a traffic jam when we can't afford to wait a second or till our own house's wall crumbles due to poor construction or a metro line falls when we are travelling on it? Should we wait for something to happen before we think about whom to blame and what to do?

Think about it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

2 Accidents in 10 days...

I have always believed in destiny and fate. But never thought I would have to cite examples from my own life in order to illustrate the huge role played in our life by these "saintly devils". Before I begin my tales let me tell you the extent of my belief in destiny. I think that everything that you do and will do is pre-decided at some place. So, it was decided that I will go to IITB, that I will end up in Abhu Dabhi and that I will have some wonderful people as my very good friends. Also it was decided that I will have these really scary accidents but nothing will happen to me.

The first happened when I was on my way to Nainital with Swapnil. We were in a volvo and it was raining cats and dogs. Somewhere in the middle of the night the air conditioning stopped working and I had a feeling that the trip was doomed. Then as if to prove me right, a tree fell in front of the bus while it was going at about 90kmph. The (in)experienced driver swerved sharply and ended up in putting the rear wheels of the bus off the road into wet mud. the front wheels were barely touching the road surface at that moment. All the windows were misted so we had no idea about the vulnerable position of our bus and were at peace. All that changed once we got down in pouring rain and saw it with our eyes. Ditching the bus and thanking our fate, we got another bus and reached Nainital.

I had just about forgotten the volvo incident when I got reminded again about the enormous power of fate. I went to Gurgaon to meet Ramdas who works there and we had planned to enjoy at one of the thousands of malls there. But it was not to be. Just as we stepped out of his apartment and went a 100m, my six year old kinetic Nova slipped on an empty road and sent both of us flying. Luckily we got the most minor of injuries and only the rear view mirrors of the scooter were broken. Ramdas stated the obvious to me when he said "Imagine what would have happened if we were on a main road with traffic..."

A few days ago someone told me that Libra people are very lucky and they need not go to any astrologer to find out about their life and future. These incidents have reinforced my belief into fate and destiny. I wonder if some of you have had some similar experienced and agree/disagree with some of my views. You would wonder why I am writing a blog about all this. That's because I take it positively and treat it like getting some very costly thing at very little price.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Naked Dance

Being someone who really liked Roadies and KBC I was looking forward to the recent reality shows that have created such a flutter everywhere. I had to write a piece on it as it gave an easy topic for my embryonic blog, one on which I could rant on and on and on. But I do not intend to inflict any such calamity on any of my readers (if there are any at all). What I do intend to do is to highlight the stark contrast in these shows.

They portray very different parts of our society. In one place there is the open, outgoing and dare I say a very shameless part of the society who is not scared to bare it all in order to get a "simple life" in the form of a household, a husband and typical Indian family. On the other hand we have the ordinary, shy and dare I say a quite naive part of the society who for a bit of fame and glamour/money do not realize that they are being pulled into their own deep pit of shit.

I know you people will ask me the the first thing that why do I watch these shows. Well, have you read the story of the king who was fooled into wearing invisible clothes. Everybody laughed at him. Similarly, these shows bring laughter in my life because the only thing I see them doing on TV is a naked dance.

श्री गणेशाय नमः

After much forcing and blackmailing by a lazy blogger I have eventually accepted the fact that I am too jobless to not have a blog of my own. I have no idea what I am going to write in it and what it will do for my "public image" but nevertheless here we go. Lets just hope I am able to do justice to this endeavor. Philosophical posts on cricket, football, movies, TV shows and life in general can be expected.

Truly i don't quite understand why people write blogs. I mean they do have friends and relatives to share their thoughts with. Still they rant along on the net with views and perceptions forcing it on strangers and stumblers and people trying to kill their useless time. I think when we say "Life is fast nowadays" we mean that we have to read the something in a newspaper, then watch it on telly, then read some 15-20 (or maybe more) blogs on the topic and finally write one of your own such that it gets the most hits.

I could go on and on about why i don't like blogging and stuff... but since I am writing one, it would defeat the purpose totally. Ciao and I won't mind at all if you don't care to comment (I never comment :P).