Friday, July 17, 2009

The Naked Dance

Being someone who really liked Roadies and KBC I was looking forward to the recent reality shows that have created such a flutter everywhere. I had to write a piece on it as it gave an easy topic for my embryonic blog, one on which I could rant on and on and on. But I do not intend to inflict any such calamity on any of my readers (if there are any at all). What I do intend to do is to highlight the stark contrast in these shows.

They portray very different parts of our society. In one place there is the open, outgoing and dare I say a very shameless part of the society who is not scared to bare it all in order to get a "simple life" in the form of a household, a husband and typical Indian family. On the other hand we have the ordinary, shy and dare I say a quite naive part of the society who for a bit of fame and glamour/money do not realize that they are being pulled into their own deep pit of shit.

I know you people will ask me the the first thing that why do I watch these shows. Well, have you read the story of the king who was fooled into wearing invisible clothes. Everybody laughed at him. Similarly, these shows bring laughter in my life because the only thing I see them doing on TV is a naked dance.


Shruti said...

2 posts on the inaugural day, that deserves encouragement. It has all to do with the demand side economics. Such shows are being produced because they have a ready audience. People love dirt, given that someone else is soiling their clothes. Btw, what words of wisdom do you have to pour out on Splitsvilla, considering it was extremely popular even amongst educated rational youth

Apurv said...

I can totally understand how you feel. Going thru the exact situation at home. We are being fed such crap day in and day out. From about more than 100 channels, there is nothing, I mean it NOTHING, watchable! I have resorted to dumbly watch such shows which funnily make it interesting and something to laugh about.

kushalkothari said...

no dude.. i don't think you are jobless and lukkha..
i really don't think you have an great apetite for shows like rakhi ka swayanvar, big boss, sach ka saamna, splitsville and who knows mebbe oprah too!!
i really really don't think your strong feminine side provokes you to stick you arse for hours in front of such usless crap..
I think you do this only to ...and i quote. "bear the brunt of all such info waste on air for the greater good of the rest of humanity".. :D :D

keep njoin wht u like.. never taint the image of the good 'ol PMSing that you are!!

Nits said...

@ Apurv..nice to know that there are people other than me who like to admit what they see on telly
@ kushal.. dont you worry about my image...I can take care of that..tabhi to yeh blogging shuru ki hai :P