Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Fairer Sex

I am sorry I ever wrote this post. I am deleting this post on public demand. I apologise for my remarks. They were totally uncalled for. I do not understand anything that goes on with girls inside college campuses, primarily because I have never cared enough to find out about it. So, if possible Please forgive me.


Apurv said...

I had promised to myself to refrain from commenting on any post even remotely related to the issue dealt with in the two blogs you have mentioned (you know the reason). But I gotta say, totally agree with you, bro!

Muzik Diva said...

Some issues need to be ignored; some issues dealt with a smile & a pretty please while some require you to scream and shout if required. A society which prunes people from criticising would never progress.
Lot of men take women for granted because they will never say anything.
At the same time, making a mole hill out of nothing is also a *pleasant waste of time*.

Girls while chasing liberty often lose all of their rationality. Many guys exploit this opportunity by urging these girls to be open-minded. There are all sorts of people but no matter what every girl would have faced prejudice. And, that is precisely the whole hoopla about. We are not undermining the good boys.
I am a centrist on all issues and theories. If someone stops caring about what others think about him, we’d be living in a world of complete anarchy. We must learn to create an equilibrium b/w caring for others’ sentiments and not getting bogged down by what others’ think. The change has been ushered in our society and atleast half of the credit goes to men.
For the change to sweep away all of the prejudices will take time and till then we, the girls, must be patient.
Please do not be offended by all the accusations aimed at *boys/men* (like wearing perverseness on their sleeves), it doesn’t comprise of the guys we are proud of. :)

Anish Aryan said...

what the fucking fuck!!
that was a great post and I have no idea why you deleted it
You have ashamed an entire gender by abstaining from your freedom of speech due to a few piqueing remarks :(

Nits said...

ohh puhhlease...i have not let any gender down by writing or deleting anything. this blog is just to express my opinions in public. I did that and then changed what I wrote as my opinion changed. I think that is fair enough.

PS: Didnt know u read my blog :)