Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank GOD its Thursday !!!

I have been dying to write a piece with this title since I came to know that I will be working on Sundays for some time to come. But now that I have started it I don't quite understand what is so special about working on a Sunday. So what you might miss some F1 races and some early starting EPL matches because of office but that's about it. On the plus side you don't have to go through the monday morning blues and you already are having fun on the weekend when the entire world is just waiting for it. So I think its a positive thing.

So, I landed in UAE after 2 days of sleepless turmoil and in the midst of thick fog. I didn't know whether I was dreaming or flying when I came out of the airplane at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The temperature was about 20 degrees and I was shivering to say the least. The city is awesome to start off. Huge multistory buildings, infinite luxurious taxis, rich people around you all the time, Indian restaurants and shops at every corner and the most important thing is people do know Hindi (or maybe it's Urdu) here. The office is nice and the people around me are too good. I met 4 IITB guys and all are typical IITB junta, I just had to mention that I am from the UK wing and I was accepted. It seems Muchhi-Dopa-Sagu-Khan-Shanty-Anni-Kunnu are internationally famous these days.

After 1 full year I will have the opportunity to wear those thick leather gloves again and stand behind the sticks to keep wickets. Apart from cricket, inter-company football tourneys also occur and the center forward in me is getting excited again. I do miss some people back in India. I have their pics on my comp and on my table here. Don't know if all the feelings are reciprocated but I guess in life you can't get everything you want. To end on a brighter note, some more guys are coming from IITB and after that there is no stopping this gang of chilled out Indians in a chilled out place.


Shruti said...

Hmm.. God Bless You with health and happiness there. Dont miss us too much. :). Enjoy!
PS: Hope the pictures you put up are flattering

Aruna Cheruvu said...

Wow.. I am really happy for you :) Hope you have fun filled days ahead!
PS: Hope you are missing me too :P

aniket said...


Nits said...

@ Aniket: I am enjoying for sure:)
@ Shruti, Aruna: you both decide should I miss people or not :P

kushalkothari said...
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kushalkothari said...

aahh...cchho chweet.. we miss u nits!!
well.. i for one know u wont be missing us much..
so just as a regular spammer who occasionally gets enough time to kill on a "feel good bout myself" blog..
heres a lil piece of advice..
with all the words i shudnt throw at you on a publicly read blog..
instead of feeling yipee bout having a weeknd wen the rest of hte world is slogging, just admit u are stuck up in a totally screwed up state...so screwed up is tht country... even the irony of a guy from a dry state mocking at you isnt funny :D :D

can never post a comment on ur blog without a caustic prologue :D
wassup buddy.. like the workplace and all ..hmm...
so wen u getting tht arabi clean shaved haircut??? :P
keep spamming ..and keep blogging..in and out of hte circle...

p.s: I suggested "thnk god its Thurday" .a lil disclaimer to authenticity of the owner of the creativity wud hav sufficed :P

Shruti said...

@ Kushal: Aha.. Someone seems to be in a terribly pained mood in the dry state ;)
@ Nitin: Kar lo miss, haq banta hai. like if we ask you not to, to nahi karoge kya :)

Nits said...

@kushal: acknowledge nahin kiya coz pata tha ki tu khud hi likh dega about it being ur idea when i wasnt at all actually. And as far as I am being stuck up in wtever place, I think shruti made it very clear to everyone about the real situation and who is stuck up where :D