Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things I will miss and won't

As I prepare to leave India, I can't help but jot down things which I will and will not miss in Abu Dhabi

Things I will miss for sure:
  • Having someone who cares for you and whom you want to care for, near you and reachable all the time
  • Watching cricket matches live at Kotla and Wankhede
  • Homemade kheer, halwa and rajmachawal
  • Gossiping with college friends about college friends
  • Standing up for the national anthem before movies in cinemas
  • Comparing Delhi with Bombay and concluding that both are cooler than Chennai and Calcutta combined
Things I will not miss for sure:
  • Crazy noisy traffic in Delhi, Bombay, Chennai and for that matter every bloody road
  • Sad bureaucracy (read corruption) in every aspect of life
  • Sick mentality of Indian men to overpower Indian women by hook or by crook
  • Stupid family values which make children hide things from their own parents
  • Even more stupid family values which make sure you are surrounded by relaitves when you want to be alone
  • Friends who show care but don't really care about your existence
  • People looking at you after you have told them you are from IIT as if you told them you are from ET


Priyank said...

accha likha hai yaar....

Anuj Choudhary said...

I also just wrote about the ET part, It's a big relief when people just treat you as a young dude with an engineering degree from India, and the rest is just plain you.

Shruti said...

Agree about the Indian mentality part

Varun said...

It can only be you who writes in things I will miss: GOSSIPING!