Friday, October 30, 2009

You will never walk alone

Yesterday I had a dream. I was walking alone, wondering why I am so alone always. I was wondering what I did to deserve this, to be left alone in each and every step of my life. I wanted some answers so I turned to GOD. Here is what happened.

Me: Dear GOD, why am I always so lonely?
GOD: Why do you say so dear? Just close your eyes and look around you.

I did. I saw a pair of footsteps behind me.

GOD: See. I am always with you. Wherever you go, wherever you are and in whatever you do. Don't worry you will never walk alone.

I was calmed. I walked on peacefully. But then after a moment I realized I was standing on the edge of a raging river. I looked around again, hopeful. But alas, there were no two sets of footprints, only one, mine. I started to panic. I asked GOD "where are you? You said you will always be with me".

GOD: Son, I am always there with you. I am carrying you on my shoulders and will help you cross this troublesome river. Those footprints aren't yours, they are mine. Don't worry you will never walk alone.


Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

interesting dream, if only it was real :P i wudve asked him many more interesting questions :P like if tendulkar will score a century tomorrow @ kotla :P

aniket said...

I dream of deaths. :)

Shruti said...

Mr Philosopher back huh? I shouldn't even tell what I dream of :P. Thankfully, I now know I wont be walking alone ever though :).

Nits said...

@ramdas: we will find out in a day so why ask GOD about it
@aniket: deaths :O tell me if you see mine. I always wanted to know how I will die :)

Aruna Cheruvu said...

I agree with Shruti...Mr. Philosopher but i remember reading it ages ago on a poster. Nevertheless it truly depicts how one should percieve life.