Wednesday, February 24, 2010

200 Not Out

After 39 odd years of limited overs cricket this record has finally been shattered. People have tried to accomplish it in the past. Saeed Anwar and Charles Coventry (who really??) came so close but gave it away. Brain Lara, Sanath Jayasuriya, Shahid Afridi, Viv Richards, and many many more "attacking" batsmen have been considered as people who could one day breach the 200 run barrier. But they were not able to. Either they lacked the skill or the desire will never be known. 24th February 2010, the day when this landmark was taken down by none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. 
He who is called as the GOD by his followers, he who has graced the game of cricket for more than 20 years and he who has been told to retire from the game by quite a few (if not all) "pundits" of the game. So what is it that our dear GOD has and the others lack. The answer is simple, he is not human. If it were humanly possible it would have been done already. It is not really about the skill and the temperament and the strength but really something else. I find it hard to put it into words at this moment. yes people may one day get as many runs as he has got in this game, yes people may one day score as many 100s but no one can ever even think of being compared to this little champion or come close to getting such adulation from the followers of the game.  No other individual has and ever will drive a billion (if not more) people crazy with every stroke. No other cricketer can claim to bring cheer on so many faces all with a flick of the wrist. People stop whatever they are doing just to refresh a website to find the outcome of each and every ball he plays. People say Sir Donald Bradman was the greatest and that his comparing Sachin to himself was a compliment for Sachin. I wonder what if right now Sir Don was thinking "Ha!! what a fool I was to think I batted like him". 
Critics want him to step down, fans want him to play. I just wonder what he wants to do next. I just wonder if he does win the WC next year what will he do next. I just wonder...


Shruti said...

In India Cricket is a religion and Sachin is the God. Rightly said, even if some player in the future does manage to breach this record, he would still never be able to win such adulation. Like someone once told me, "Life feels worthwhile when you watch Sachin play".

Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

"People stop whatever they are doing just to refresh a website to find the outcome of each and every ball he plays." \m/

"Life feels worthwhile when you watch Sachin play".\m/

Not many words dude. *shakes his head*