Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Hangover

Its been more than two days now since Sachin made 200 but I am still not over it. Have seen his batting highlights about 15 times and read around 50 blogs/articles on the innings. Have been discussing the innings and the entire career of the little champion with any and everyone who is interested to talk about it. I dunno if I have gone mad or what but this elation and jubilation does not seem to end. People have written about him getting a Bharat Ratna, honouring him with knighthood, compared him to Sir Don and the rest, but all this is nothing. If anything all these awards will attain a whole new definition if these were given to Sachin. I mean how would another Ian Botham or a Gary Sobers even think of being called "Sir" after SRT is knighted? Would it not be unfair to the rest of the world to be compared to the legendary maestro of Indian cricket.
All this feels like a very long and pleasing hangover, when every little thought is filled of those off drives, those flicks on the leg side off yorker length balls and that subdued "I know I have done it" reaction along with scenes of people dancing with joy and cursing Dhoni at the same time.
I just wonder what goes on in his mind. He knows everything about people's expectations which started even when he was in his teens. He knows everything about how people react to his scores. He knows what bowler will bowl which ball to him. He also knows that by scoring that double ton he has probably (and I use this word because it is Sachin we are talking about) surpassed all levels of individual brilliance that are there to achieve in this great game. For people like me who have grown watching him bat and breaking records, it was a matter of time when something like this happened. Yes, we were a bit impatient in the late 90s when we thought our hero was at his peak (like all mortals are in their 20s) and would lead our country to glory. Maybe then he was just learning about his own game and saving his best for a very special chapter in this magical journey. Or maybe he really is an incarnation of Vishnu and has his own way of showing his "Leela". Whatever it is, I am waiting and so is the entire country. God or not, the weight of expectations just increased a thousand times on Sachin's shoulders, but don't worry HE knows it as well.

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